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Montshire at Home: Seeds

Join us for a week dedicated to all things seeds!

This week, we’ll have:

  • Engaging videos
  • A simple science experiment
  • A scavenger hunt
  • Downloadable activities to do at home

An Intro to Seeds + a Seed Sprouting Experiment

Join Montshire educator Amy as she gives a quick overview of seeds AND starts a fun seed sprouting experiment!

Download the complete experiment instructions and observation sheets.

Seed Scavenger Hunt

Just how many seeds does Montshire educator Amy have in her kitchen?! How many are in yours?? Join us for a seed scavenger hunt!

Download our activity sheet to help you on your search.

Seed Sorting Activity

Just about anything can be sorted — seeds, socks, crayons, rocks and more.

Sorting makes you look at how things are the same or different and then allows you to make decisions about which of those characteristics are important. This is an important skill scientists use all the time!

Got seeds or beads? Got socks or blocks? Got shells or buttons or coins or rocks?

Let’s get them sorted!

Download our activity sheet for more fun sorting ideas.

Seed Sprouting Experiment Progress

Earlier in the week, Montshire educator Amy began a seed sprouting experiment. Check out Amy’s progress!