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Montshire at Home: Eggs

Join us for a week dedicated to all things eggs!

This week, we’ll have:

  • Engaging videos
  • Fun science experiments
  • Downloadable activities sheets

If you have an egg to spare, join in! If not, follow along to see some fun experiments.

Inside an Egg

Just what is inside an egg? Montshire educator Rebecca uses some simple chemistry to reveal what goes on beneath a chicken’s eggshell.

Download our handy egg diagram to see if you can spot the different parts!

Egg Yolks and Egg Whites

The egg yolk and egg white serve two different purposes for a developing embryo. But these two different egg parts also serve different functions in the kitchen! Montshire educator Rebecca explains and even offers some fun and easy recipes to make with them!

Download the recipes and make it in your own kitchen at home!

Testing the Strength of an Egg

Why don’t eggs break when hens sit on them? Join us for today’s egg strength challenge to see just how tough tiny eggs can be. No eggs to spare? No worries! Just watch along for a fun experiment.

Don’t forget to download the activity sheet for this experiment.

Egg Spinning Test

Do your eggs spin slow? Do they wobble to and fro? Montshire educator Rebecca will explain. And if yours spin fast she’ll explain that too!

Download the activity sheet for this experiment here!

Egg Drop Experiment

Can you protect Humpty Dumpty from a great fall? Invent a container that will keep a raw egg from breaking when tossed to the ground.

Remember to download the activity sheet for this experiment.

Hollow Egg Surprise

Surprise eggs, or cascarones, are a great way to make the most of your extra eggs and bring some fun to your weekend. Montshire educator Rebecca walks you through how to make your own!

Don’t forget to wash that egg beforehand and wash your hands after, too!

Remember to download the activity sheet here.