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Montshire at Home: Chain Reactions

Chain reactions allow you to use your imagination in creating a series of cause and effect events that accomplish a fun, often simple task in a wonderfully complex way.

This week, we’re going to work on our own chain reaction at home!

First Steps of Building a Chain Reaction

This week, we’re going to work on our own chain reaction at home! Montshire Educator Mike will explain the basics and how to get started!

Then, it’s time to gather your materials from around your home. Download our activity sheet to guide you through your search.

Get Creative by Using Themes for Your Chain Reaction

The first step of building our own chain reactions at home is to gather materials. The next step is figuring out what to do with them.

Montshire educator Mike talks about some different ways to work through this planning process. Think about your end goal. Sometimes a theme can help spark your building idea. What are some other ways to get creative?

Building a Chain Reaction with Household Materials

When building your chain reactions at home, think about how you can use common materials in uncommon ways.

Here are a few examples from Montshire educator Mike.

Building and Testing Your Chain Reaction

A key part of building chain reactions is testing.

Test, test, test! And test often! You’ll get immediate feedback about what works.

Here, Montshire educator Mike puts together a chain reaction at the Montshire. Even with manufactured materials and magnets to hold everything together, it took 12 attempts before lucky number 13 worked and all 3 balls made it to the end bucket.

Montshire Chain Reaction Finale

Drumroll please! It’s been one week of hard work on our chain reactions!

Check out the amazing Montshire-inspired chain reaction created by Montshire educator Mike. And keep an eye out for all your favorite sights and exhibits from the Montshire.

Download our activity sheet and go on a scavenger hunt for Montshire favorites in Mike’s chain reaction.