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Montshire at Home:
Cardboard Creations

Cardboard is a remarkable material. While it’s made of nothing more than paper, it’s strong enough to ship heavy and fragile objects all around the world. The secret to its strength lies in its middle layer, which curves up and down like waves in the sea. Those waves are a series of up and down facing arches, like the arches that support bridges and buildings. And you can build bridges, buildings, and a lot more from leftover cardboard in your own home.

This week, we’ll create marble runs, fashion hats, build new worlds, and so much more — all with cardboard!

Starting a Week of Cardboard Creations

Why do we love building with cardboard at the Montshire?
- It’s cheap (sometimes free!) and easy to cut
- It’s sturdy yet flexible
- It has loads of textures that make cool designs

This week we’re working on some amazing cardboard creations! Watch this video and download our design worksheet to get started.

From 2D to 3D Design

Transform 2D to 3D by making a cube from a single flat sheet of cardboard!

Download our activity guide to get started.

A Cardboard Masterpiece

Create a beautiful work of art using a variety of shapes! Learn how to create abstract art by piecing together cardboard and create a masterpiece from your own imagination!

Follow the instructions in our our activity sheet here.

Creating a Marble Run

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
Keep them marbles rollin’!

Today, we’re making a marble run using recycled materials. Ramps, trap doors, seesaws — so many ways to roll!

Watch Montshire educator Katie explain, then download our activity guide to get started.

Cardboard Wearables

Make a fashion statement by creating your own hat! Use your newfound cardboard crafting skills to create something fun, different, and wearable.

Watch Montshire educator Katie explain then download our activity guide to get started.