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Montshire at Home:
Bugs and Creepy Crawlers

Bugs – they’re all around us. In fact, over 90% of all the animals on earth are bugs, but what exactly are they? “Bug” is a slang word that includes six-legged insects like bees, butterflies, and beetles, and eight-legged arachnids like spiders, mites, and ticks.

Dive into the world of bugs and enjoy videos and downloads of buggy activities, including bee tracking, spying on spiders, trapping ticks, and uncovering rock dwellers. This is your chance to explore, observe, and catalog the creepy but fascinating world of bugs in and around your own home.

Bee Behavior

Biologists will track and follow an animal, recording everything it does. Be a bee biologist and follow a bee as it visits flowers. Record as many behaviors as you see.

Download our activity sheet to track bee behavior.

Flower Dissection

Why dissect frogs when you can dissect a flower?

Download our activity sheet and get an inside look (literally) at flowers.

Spider Spy

How many itsy bitsy spiders can you find in your house?

Download our activity sheet and let the hunt begin!

Tracking Tick Activity

Your favorite blood sucking parasites are back this spring! Learn more about them with Montshire educator Rebecca.

Download our activity sheet and track their activities, just like scientists do!

Knock, Knock; Who’s Under That Rock?

Bugs, slugs, worms and dirt. What’s living under there?!?! Map your animal discoveries as you look under that rock.

Download our activity sheet to get started with mapping out an entire world of bugs.

A Bug Scavenger Hunt

Head outside on a bug hunt to find the tiny, slimey, leggy, crawly, and creepily cool denizens of nature! Download our activity guide to start your adventure!