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Montshire at Home: Bubbles and Soap

​Join us for a week of soapy science as we dive into the world of bubbles!

This week, we’ll have:

  • Fun videos from our amazing educators
  • DIY science projects
  • Downloadable activities

Understanding Bubbles

Montshire educator Katie talks about the basics of bubbles. What makes bubbles round? What makes them colorful? It looks magical but it’s really all about math. Learn more and even how to make the Montshire’s not-so-top- secret bubble solution.

Bubble Solution Recipe

Download the Montshire’s Bubble Solution Recipe and make your own bubble creations at home!

​Slippery Soap Scavenger Hunt

Soap is amazing stuff that not only makes bubbles, but also keeps you and your house clean! With your grownup, see how many you can you find together in your home.

After your soap scavenger hunt, choose three soaps and experiment with them.

Ask yourself: How do they move on a plate, wax paper, or in water? How do they mix together? Which make the best bubble solution to use at home?

Download our Slippery Soap Scavenger Hunt to guide you through your experiment.

Bubble Wand Scavenger Hunt

Time for a bubble wand scavenger hunt! Search around your house for objects that might make good bubble wands.

We love:

  • Slotted spoons
  • Straws
  • Cookie cutters
  • Potato masher
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Twisty ties

See what you can find at home. Then go outside and test them!

Make Your Own Foam Fountain!

Foam is lots and lots of tiny bubbles! Follow these easy steps to make your own.

Then go outside and test with your homemade Montshire Bubble Solution!

Make Big Bubbles at Home

Learn how to make big bubbles at home with only string, straws, and your homemade bubble solution!