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Montshire at Home:

Air is amazing! It’s a mix of gases that is too thin to see, but thick enough to feel and to do some useful work.

By speeding through air, we can make helicopters and airplanes fly. By heating air, we can make balloons rise. By cupping air in a parachute, we can slow down a falling object.

Check out Montshire’s videos and downloads about air-powered activities, including helicopters, spinners, floaters, flyers, slow-fallers, and air-blown show-offs. Each day you’ll get to make several air-propelled projects from materials you can find right at home.

Make Paper Spinning Helicopters, Fish, and Octopuses

Experiment with your own Montshire paper spinning helicopters, fish, and octopuses at home!

Download the activity sheet for more information.

Make a Mini Ball Floater at Home

Claim that hair dryer in the name of science!

Download the activity guide here and make your own mini ball floater at home.

Paper Airplanes

The dart, the glider, or the even keel? Which paper airplane is right for you?

Check out these different airplane designs and then experiment with them!

Building in the Wind

Turn your summer time fan into a wind tube or sail boat exhibit, just like the ones at the Montshire! Watch Montshire educator Rebecca explain, then download the activity guide to get started.

Toy Parachutes

Operation TOY RESCUE is underway! Build a miniature parachute to bring your toy home safe and sound.

Watch our video and download the activity guide to get started!