Water and How It Moves

See the beauty of turbulence in a fluid, trace the movement of water down a stream to a waterfall, and find out how an oxbow is formed in a river in this set of indoor and outdoor exhibits about water and its movement.

Planetary Landscapes

Planetary Landscapes A visually-stunning exhibition modeling the dynamics of planetary change Learn More

Pressure Fountain (seasonal)

Create fountains of your own design with pressurized water and snap- together piping Learn More

Rill (seasonal)

Rill (seasonal) Water burbles through Science Park in this longest water exhibit at the Montshire Learn More

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect As part of the Montshire's 40th anniversary, the Montshire Museum of Science commissioned Vermont artist and master stoneworker Dan Snow to create a sculpture to transform the entryway of the Museum. This exciting new sculpture is now open to view and for exploration by Museum visitors. Learn More

Sand Table (seasonal)

Sand Table (seasonal) Investigate the movement of sand in a constant stream of water Learn More

Straws & String

Create geometric shapes that then become bubbles Learn More

Turbulent Orb

Spin this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture that mimics the Coriolis effect that causes swirling clouds above Earth's surface and creates the striped bands of color on gaseous planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Learn More

Visco City

Bubbles rise through different fluids in the Museum entryway Learn More

Water Bells (seasonal)

Water Bells (seasonal) By changing the flow, create amazing shapes with flowing water Learn More

Water Dance (seasonal)

Water Dance (seasonal) An interactive fountain in Science Park Learn More

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