Water and How It Moves

See the beauty of turbulence in a fluid, trace the movement of water down a stream to a waterfall, and find out how an oxbow is formed in a river in this set of indoor and outdoor exhibits about water and its movement.

Aquarium Cave

Aquarium Cave A special aquarium just right for younger museum visitors Learn More

Ball Hopper (seasonal)

Ball Hopper (seasonal) Dispense a single ball with the turn of a crank and watch it float down the Rill. Learn More

Blood Brook Loop

A half-mile trail along the lagoon Learn More

Bubbles: Science in Soap

Bubbles: Science in Soap Bubbles: Science in Soap is a completely new and re-imagined exhibition that incorporates pure experimentation, hands-on learning, and a touch of whimsy for adults and children. Learn More

Cascade (seasonal)

Cascade (seasonal) An area of Science Park for watery exploration and discovery Learn More

Dam and Bubbler (seasonal)

When water reaches the right height in the Rill it can surprise you somewhere else Learn More

Dust Devil (Make a Vortex)

Dust Devil (Make a Vortex) Spin the propeller on this sculpture to recreate a tornado-like motion. Learn More

Flow Tunnel

Flow Tunnel Special fluid shows the movement of liquids around different shapes Learn More

Jovian Clouds

Jovian Clouds Change the spinning speed of this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture to observe the smooth, laminar flow devolve into turbulence. Learn More


Discover the beauty of turbulence in this artistic exhibit Learn More

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