Sounds and Hearing

What are the sounds in a Vermont meadow, and why are they special? If a friend who is 50 feet away whispers, how can you hear them without a cell-phone? Can a stone make music? Find out about the sounds around you, learn about how you hear, and create music in this series of exhibits about the sounds around us and how we hear them.

Andy’s Place

Andy’s Place A special area scaled to size for visitors five and under and their caregivers Learn More

Changing Landscape, Changing Songs

Changing Landscape, Changing Songs Explore the sounds of a changing environment Learn More

Crankin’ Rhythm

Create and investigate rhythmic compositions Learn More

Humming Stone

Humming Stone Hum a favorite tune and listen to your voice in a way you've never heard before Learn More

Lithophone (Stone Xylophone)

Lithophone (Stone Xylophone) An outdoor xylophone made of stone allows for musical meanderings Learn More

Making Music: Selected Exhibits

Making Music: Selected Exhibits View select pieces from the popular exhibition Making Music: The Science of Musical Instruments. Making Music explores how musical instruments are created and how they’re played. Learn More

Meadow Sounds Kiosk

Meadow Sounds Kiosk A kiosk adjacent to our meadow offers examples of the sounds of a Vermont meadow in the summer Learn More

Musical Fence

Musical Fence A row of tuned tubes becomes a musical instrument in Science Park Learn More

Rock Music

Make music with pebbles in these Science Park exhibit stations Learn More

Singing Stone

An exhibit made of stone that "sings" when played just the right way Learn More

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