Puzzles, Shapes, and Things that Move

What has teeth but can’t smile? Can you solve a puzzle based on how shapes fit together? And what about a machine larger than you that creates a cacophony of sound and movement with the turn of a crank? Discover the ways that moving objects, unique shapes, and mind-bending puzzles can stretch your thought processes with this set of exhibits about movement, machines, and geometry.

Andy’s Place

Andy’s Place A special area scaled to size for visitors five and under and their caregivers Learn More

Ball Hopper (seasonal)

Ball Hopper (seasonal) Dispense a single ball with the turn of a crank and watch it float down the Rill. Learn More

Big Blue Blocks

Big Blue Blocks These blocks were designed by an architect to allow users to manipulate their environment and to create structures and spaces from their imaginations. Learn More

Chaotic Orbits

A rolling ball on a curved surface reveals the complexity of chaotic systems Learn More

Chaotic Wrench

What appears at first to be a silly spinning wrench challenges your expectations about movement Learn More

Chicken Rollway

Release a ball and watch it roll down the rollway Learn More

Elevator Bike

Pedal-power runs this model elevator to show energy usage Learn More

Gear Train

Gear Train Gears can change the speed of what you're turning Learn More

Gravity Well

Gravity Well Roll a penny 'round and 'round this smooth exhibit to see the forces of gravity and momentum interact Learn More

Kinetic Energy

Balls bounce, roll, and make sounds in these motion-based exhibits Learn More

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