Native Plants and the Environment

From the tiniest Trillium flower to the entire ecosystem of the Connecticut River Watershed, find out more about what makes this part of New England special and why it is important to be good stewards of the land and its inhabitants.

Observation Tower

Observation Tower View the surrounding environment from high above the museum building Learn More

Observation Tower Viewer

Far becomes near with this telescopic viewer at the top of the Observation Tower. Learn More

Ridge Trail

Ridge Trail A challenging trail with exhibits about our Northern environment Learn More

River Loop Trail

A pleasant trail along the Connecticut River, much of which is accessible to wheelchairs Learn More

Time Machine

Time Machine Spin the knob to view movement that can't normally be seen by speeding it up or slowing it down Learn More

Tree Slice

Tree Slice A slice of a tree that is over 150 years old reveals its rings Learn More

Wood Frog Pool (seasonal)

Wood Frog Pool (seasonal) A trailside exhibit that offers amphibian and insect species a place for new life every spring Learn More

Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden A short path featuring native plants and spectacular views Learn More

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