Light and Sight

Can light bend around a corner? Why can some people not see the same colors that you can? Are there kinds of light that we can’t see, but that we can feel? Learn more about how we see, and play some optical tricks on yourself with this set of exhibits about light and sight.

Andy’s Place

Andy’s Place A special area scaled to size for visitors five and under and their caregivers Learn More

Anti-Gravity Mirror

To your partner it appears as though you're floating at this mirror exhibit Learn More

Bubbles: Science in Soap

Bubbles: Science in Soap Bubbles: Science in Soap is a completely new and re-imagined exhibition that incorporates pure experimentation, hands-on learning, and a touch of whimsy for adults and children. Learn More

Cathedral Window

Cathedral Window Polarized light and the colors it can reveal Learn More


Colored filters change the apparent color of what we!re viewing Learn More

Day/Night Globe

Day/Night Globe See where the sun is and isn't striking the earth right now Learn More


Erase-A-Face Erase your partner's face in this optical illusion Learn More


Find out how long today will be and where on earth the day will be longer (and shorter) Learn More

Heat Camera

A camera sensitive to infrared light can show heat and cold Learn More

Human Sundial

Human Sundial Stand in the right place and the sun will tell you the time Learn More

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