The Earth and Astronomy

Take a walk to the end of our solar system and back in an afternoon, discover why mountains are differently shaped depending upon how they formed, and see the latest images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope in these exhibits about the Earth, the planets, and the universe.

109 Degrees Below Zero

109 Degrees Below Zero 109.3° below zero F is colder than the lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States, but that's how cold the dry ice in this exhibit is! Learn More

Aeolian Landscape

Aeolian Landscape Shows patterns of air movement on a landscape of sand. Learn More

Braided stream

Control the flow of air through a fine powder, carving channels that twist, turn, and branch. Learn More


Caldera Imagine the anatomy of the molten underworld, in a cross-section, watching how a volcano forms and collapses as you control the airflow. Learn More

Chaotic Orbits

A rolling ball on a curved surface reveals the complexity of chaotic systems Learn More

Day/Night Globe

Day/Night Globe See where the sun is and isn't striking the earth right now Learn More

Dust Devil (Make a Vortex)

Dust Devil (Make a Vortex) Spin the propeller on this sculpture to recreate a tornado-like motion. Learn More


Find out how long today will be and where on earth the day will be longer (and shorter) Learn More

Gravity Well

Gravity Well Roll a penny 'round and 'round this smooth exhibit to see the forces of gravity and momentum interact Learn More

Human Sundial

Human Sundial Stand in the right place and the sun will tell you the time Learn More

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