Visit this set of exhibits featuring creatures from the past and present. They range from ants that are actually farmers, to a live colony of honeybees you can see close-up, to salmon and turtles, and information about the life processes that connect these animals with birds, insects, and even human beings.

Cold Water

This tank houses the Museum's slippery, fast-swimming brook trout. Learn More


Learn about the diversity and “flash” patterns of local fireflies Learn More


Fossils Learn about extinct animals by touching real fossils. Learn More

Frog and toad tank

Frog and toad tank View frogs, toad, small fish and aquatic insects in their own environment Learn More

Frog Calls

Frog Calls Learn about the sounds made by local frogs Learn More


Honeybees A live colony of honeybees visible from inside the museum Learn More

How Frogs See

How Frogs See Can a frog see something that isn't moving? Not so well! Learn More

Insect Area

Explore the diversity of local insects with examples from the permanent collection Learn More

Leafcutter Ants

Leafcutter Ants A living colony of leafcutter ants goes about its daily work for all to see Learn More

Life in Shallow Water

Life in Shallow Water The creatures in this seasonal exhibit are typical of those that live in still water. Some start their lives in the water but live as adults on land. Others spend their entire lives in the water. Learn More

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