Air and Weather

A gentle summer breeze, a hurricane over the Atlantic, a winter storm, and billowing cumulous clouds – all are caused by the movement of air. Find out more about how air moves, and what happens when it does, in this series of exhibits about air movement and weather.

Fog: Little Cat Feet

Fog billows and rolls in this exhibit using water vapor to show the movement of fluids Learn More


Discover the beauty of turbulence in this artistic exhibit Learn More

North Woods - Temperatures

North Woods - Temperatures See the difference in the temperature underground and 25 feet in the air! Learn More

Planetary Landscapes

Planetary Landscapes A visually-stunning exhibition modeling the dynamics of planetary change Learn More

Red Waves

A circular flag that spins and billows when turned from below Learn More

Turbulent Orb

Spin this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture that mimics the Coriolis effect that causes swirling clouds above Earth's surface and creates the striped bands of color on gaseous planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Learn More

Visco City

Bubbles rise through different fluids in the Museum entryway Learn More


A computerized exhibit with current and historic weather information Learn More

Wind Socks (seasonal)

Colorful tubes full of air dance in the breeze Learn More

Wind Wall

A side of the Montshire tower dances and responds to passing breezes Learn More

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