Trajectories Get the angle and force right, and send the ball through the basket Learn More

Tree Slice

Tree Slice A slice of a tree that is over 150 years old reveals its rings Learn More

Turbulent Orb

Spin this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture that mimics the Coriolis effect that causes swirling clouds above Earth's surface and creates the striped bands of color on gaseous planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Learn More

Turtle Hatchlings

Turtle Hatchlings Newly-hatched turtles spending their first year of life at the museum Learn More


Turtles View painted turtles swim in an aquarium from a unique perspective Learn More

Up and Out

Up and Out Spin a steel column and watch what happens 20 feet up Learn More

Visco City

Bubbles rise through different fluids in the Museum entryway Learn More

Water Bells (seasonal)

Water Bells (seasonal) By changing the flow, create amazing shapes with flowing water Learn More

Water Dance (seasonal)

Water Dance (seasonal) An interactive fountain in Science Park Learn More


A computerized exhibit with current and historic weather information Learn More

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