A top-spinning exploration of movement and momentum Learn More

Spin Table

A gently-spinning table that encourages exploration with balls and disks Learn More

Whisper Dishes

Whisper Dishes Stand and speak, and only one other person can hear you, and they're forty feet away Learn More

Resonant Pendulum

Resonant Pendulum Can you move a 3-ton rock with a piece of string? Learn More

Stairway Rollway

A long rollway on the Andy's Place stairs with sounds Learn More

Straws & String

Create geometric shapes that then become bubbles Learn More

Texture Tunnel

A tunnel with textures on the way to the Andy's Place aquarium Learn More

Thrush Songs

Listen to the songs of local birds in the Thrush family Learn More

Tower Clock

A historic clock becomes an exhibit about gears and the movement of a pendulum Learn More

TOYS: The Inside Story (an exhibition created by the Montshire)

Twelve exhibits about common toys and how they work Learn More

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