Changing Landscape, Changing Songs

Changing Landscape, Changing Songs Explore the sounds of a changing environment Learn More

Chaotic Orbits

A rolling ball on a curved surface reveals the complexity of chaotic systems Learn More

Chaotic Wrench

What appears at first to be a silly spinning wrench challenges your expectations about movement Learn More

Crankin’ Rhythm

Create and investigate rhythmic compositions Learn More

Cascade (seasonal)

Cascade (seasonal) An area of Science Park for watery exploration and discovery Learn More

Dam and Bubbler (seasonal)

When water reaches the right height in the Rill it can surprise you somewhere else Learn More

Day/Night Globe

Day/Night Globe See where the sun is and isn't striking the earth right now Learn More


Two mirrors can multiply a single candle into a whole birthday cake's worth Learn More

Dynamic Earth (exhibition created by the Montshire Museum)

Dynamic Earth (exhibition created by the Montshire Museum) Find out about the many ways that the earth has and is changing Learn More

Elevator Bike

Pedal-power runs this model elevator to show energy usage Learn More

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