Whisper Tubes

A whisper carries for yards in a Whisper Tube Learn More

Wind Socks (seasonal)

Colorful tubes full of air dance in the breeze Learn More

Wind Wall

A side of the Montshire tower dances and responds to passing breezes Learn More

Windows on Earth

Windows on Earth View the Earth from miles above, or swoop down to see details Learn More

Wood Frog Pool (seasonal)

Wood Frog Pool (seasonal) A trailside exhibit that offers amphibian and insect species a place for new life every spring Learn More

Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden A short path featuring native plants and spectacular views Learn More

Time Machine

Time Machine Spin the knob to view movement that can't normally be seen by speeding it up or slowing it down Learn More

Water Depth and Pressure (seasonal)

Water Depth and Pressure (seasonal) Feel the relationship between water pressure and depth Learn More


Zoetrope Create your own cartoon and watch it play Learn More

Botanical Investigations

Botanical Investigations Many plants are beautiful to us, even if we don't know what they are. But, when you think you might be standing in poison ivy, it's time to think like a botanist. Learn how to do just that at this set of five exhibits about botany. Learn More

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