Kinetic Energy

Balls bounce, roll, and make sounds in these motion-based exhibits Learn More

Humming Stone

Humming Stone Hum a favorite tune and listen to your voice in a way you've never heard before Learn More

Knot Topology

Knot Topology Puzzle out some of the geometry of knots and topology Learn More

Lariat Chain

A delicate steel chain dances and jitterbugs as it moves Learn More

Leafcutter Ants

Leafcutter Ants A living colony of leafcutter ants goes about its daily work for all to see Learn More

Looking Inside (an exhibition created by the Montshire Museum)

Looking Inside (an exhibition created by the Montshire Museum) An exhibition about how doctors use modern technologies to see inside the human body Learn More


A 2-acre meadow alongside the Meadow Walk trail Learn More

Meadow Sounds Kiosk

Meadow Sounds Kiosk A kiosk adjacent to our meadow offers examples of the sounds of a Vermont meadow in the summer Learn More

Lithophone (Stone Xylophone)

Lithophone (Stone Xylophone) An outdoor xylophone made of stone allows for musical meanderings Learn More

Monarch Butterfly Model

Monarch Butterfly Model An enormous model of a Monarch butterfly hangs in the museum Learn More

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