Heat Camera

A camera sensitive to infrared light can show heat and cold Learn More


Honeybees A live colony of honeybees visible from inside the museum Learn More

Gear Train

Gear Train Gears can change the speed of what you're turning Learn More

Chicken Rollway

Release a ball and watch it roll down the rollway Learn More

Cold Water

This tank houses the Museum's slippery, fast-swimming brook trout. Learn More

Human Sundial

Human Sundial Stand in the right place and the sun will tell you the time Learn More

Insect Area

Explore the diversity of local insects with examples from the permanent collection Learn More

Jovian Clouds

Jovian Clouds Change the spinning speed of this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture to observe the smooth, laminar flow devolve into turbulence. Learn More


Kaleidoscope View Science Park a whole new way through a kaleidoscope Learn More


Discover the beauty of turbulence in this artistic exhibit Learn More

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