Erase-A-Face Erase your partner's face in this optical illusion Learn More


Learn about the diversity and “flash” patterns of local fireflies Learn More

Flow Tunnel

Flow Tunnel Special fluid shows the movement of liquids around different shapes Learn More

Fog: Little Cat Feet

Fog billows and rolls in this exhibit using water vapor to show the movement of fluids Learn More


Fossils Learn about extinct animals by touching real fossils. Learn More

Frog and toad tank

Frog and toad tank View frogs, toad, small fish and aquatic insects in their own environment Learn More

Frog Calls

Frog Calls Learn about the sounds made by local frogs Learn More

Dust Devil (Make a Vortex)

Dust Devil (Make a Vortex) Spin the propeller on this sculpture to recreate a tornado-like motion. Learn More


Find out how long today will be and where on earth the day will be longer (and shorter) Learn More

Gravity Well

Gravity Well Roll a penny 'round and 'round this smooth exhibit to see the forces of gravity and momentum interact Learn More

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