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Mindbender Mansion

Enter the wonderful and wacky world of Mister E. and the Mindbender Society!

Mindbender Mansion invites you into an eclectic world of puzzles, brainteasers and interactive challenges guaranteed to test the brain power and problem solving skills of even the most experienced puzzlers. Adults and children alike will enjoy exercising their minds as they try to master each of the eleven individual brain teasers and the three group activities in this fun and unconventional new exhibition. STEM-based educational content is woven throughout.

Visitors to Mindbender Mansion will be greeted by the wacky Mr. E., master brainteaser and puzzler extraordinaire, and current curator of the Mindbender Society. He will explain the mysteries of Mindbender Mansion and how to become a member of the eccentric Mindbender Society by gathering hidden clues and secret passwords. The clues can only be found by solving key puzzles found in select themed areas.

Upon completing each of the select brainteasers and group challenges, visitors will have gathered the necessary clues and secret passwords to become a member of the Mindbender Society and add their portrait to the “Wall of Fame.”

Mindbender Mansion was produced and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon.

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