Tinkering Lab

Open through June 19th. Build something in the Tinkering Lab!

The Tinkering Lab is a new, experimental space where visitors try their hand at engineering whimsical contraptions using real tools and materials. Tinkering Lab activities require cooperation, concentration, and a playful "tinkering mindset." You'll design, test, and build, and share your creations alongside other participants. For adults and families with children age 8 and over.   

Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m., through June 19. At times the Tinkering Lab is used for school programs, and isn't open to museum visitors during those times.

Tinkering activities may include:

Scribble Bots
Make moving robots that trace fun patterns with markers using weighted toy motors, batteries, wires, and other everyday materials. 

Electric Island
Design and construct a building or other structure, light it up with an LED, and collectively build a miniature city. 

Design Planks
Turn simple wooden planks into amazing creations. Visitors are challenged to build the tallest tower while explore balance and collaborating with other visitors.

Pinball Machines
Create a pinball exhibit using pegboard, dowels, rubber bands, and cardboard to be shared with other visitors throughout the day.