Playing Around: Engineering and Toys

A fun and different way to learn about the science and technology of something we all love — TOYS!

Playing Around: Engineering and Toys feeds the imagination, engages the senses, and introduces concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through the creative and entertaining act of play.

This special exhibition consists of three components that explain and demonstrate engineering in distinct ways. 

- Toys: The Inside Story - Get a close look at the inner workings and simple mechanisms commonly found inside childhood favorites. Find out just what makes Jack jump out of his box, learn how Hokey Pokey Elmo wiggles and dances, see how pulleys and wires help you etch that sketch, and discover the inside story of toys.

- Big Blue Blocks - Shape your surroundings and create your own structures through special construction blocks. Designed by an architect, these blocks include familiar rectangular pieces, as well as shapes with holes and chutes, rods, balls, and many more. Let your creative side shine as you produce your own inventions, environments, and activities.

- Tinkering with Tinker Toys - Explore design and engineering as you construct, experiment, and realize your own amazing creations with this classic toy. Build tall towers, complex structures, your own toy idea, or anything else your imagination conceives.