Grow Native!

Ecological Landscaping for the Upper Valley

Choosing native plants for our yards and gardens provides food and shelter for local wildlife. It also helps preserve New England’s familiar forest landscape.

This outdoor exhibit combines information about the problem of invasive plant species with live examples of some of the beautiful native species that can be used for landscaping in their stead. We've created a plant landscape in the area around the Hughes Pavilion using native plant species, and labels on key plants point out the advantages of using that particular native plant instead of non-native plants that have been used in the past.

Our native plants are at the base of the local food web and provide food for insects and birds. Birds come to our area to raise their young because this area is full of insects. Insects are a rich food source for many birds. Caterpillars (moth and butterfly larvae) are an especially important source of food for baby birds because they are high in protein.

Learn more about insects, birds, and native alternatives to invasive plants outside at the Grow Native exhibit.