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Making Observations:
Identifying, Observing and
Communicating Local Learning Values

How do museums, science centers and libraries conceptualize, identify, measure, and communicate their learning values?

Find out about their processes at this special workshop hosted by the Montshire Museum of Science and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Learn about the ways in which museums and libraries across the country are working to evidence learning. Discover their processes to create valid, reliable, useful and usable tools to capture and communicate these values.

In this day-long workshop:
Identify measurable learning values and observable indicators Participate in the process of identifying measurable learning values and observable indicators of those values that are both locally relevant and shared across the field.
Capture learning in a meaningful way Consider various ways to meaningfully capture learning, thereby improving your practice and strengthening your communication of impact to key stakeholders.
Examine observation tools used by institutions across the country Learn from sample observation tools from museum and library contexts across the country.
Understand the value of creating a common language for learning Hear stories of how process has helped to create a common language for learning within organizations, as well as a community of practice across organizations to support learning.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided.

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Making Observations: Evidencing Learning Through Making is a project of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh that was made possible through the support of the Institute of Museum & Library Services (grant number MG-10-16-0073-16). Making Observations is in partnership with the Montshire Museum of Science, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and Chicago Public Library.

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