Telling Our Story: Montshire’s New Look

The Story Behind Our New Brand Identity

Experiencing the joy of science is at the heart of what we do. Effectively delivering on this promise requires a focused approach led by the following brand pillars:

Discovery // Learning science through an interactive process.
100 Acres // Expansive, integrated indoor and outdoor experiences.
Aesthetics // Art and architecture optimized for science learning.
Accessibility // Experiences are relevant and engaging to all visitors.
Friendliness // Warm, inviting, and comfortable.
Community // Effective collaboration and outreach.

Guided by community-based research, a major goal for the Montshire 2020 strategic plan is to maximize opportunities for discovery. Honing our brand identity and communications strategies helps us to deliver our message in a clear voice that rallies around the wonder of science. 

What Will You Discover?
Discovery and the allure of the unknown fuel the joy of science. A day at the Montshire is a day of one thousand discoveries. Each one is unique. Each is our own to share. The power of the Montshire is its ability to kindle our curiosity on a personal level, free our imaginations, lead us to discover things we didn't even know we were searching for, and bring us together.

Visual Identity: Where We Started
While a logo is only one part of how an organization tells its story, it's one of the most visible ambassadors for the Museum's identity. Over the years, the Montshire has had a few different ambassadors—the most familiar being the Kate Emlen designed "M" with a loon looking out. 

Let's Think Outside of the Box
The Montshire partnered with Burlington-based branding firm Place Creative Company to research, design, and implement a new visual identity and communications strategies to effectively tell the Montshire's story. 

Our new logo is comprised of three triangles that communicate the joy of science. The red triangle represents the passion and energy the community brings to the Montshire. The green triangle conveys nature, the woods, and the Museum’s landscape. The blue triangle represents our unique position along the Connecticut River and the tranquility found in the Museum that allows for everyone to tap into their curiosity. Combined, the vibrant triangles evoke an energy of optimism, excitement, and discovery.

More than a Logo
The Montshire’s new identity reinforces our mission. It reflects our strategy, our team, and our exhibits. From a prospective visitor’s experience on our website to an individual’s process of becoming a member or supporter of the Museum, every touch-point is an opportunity to engage with visitors, supporters, community members, and the leaders at the forefront of science education. We ask, "what will you discover?"...and the possibilities are endless. 


Branding possibilities Branding possibilities Branding possibilities