Contact Us

If you have a specific question for a staff member, please refer to the list below. Telephone extensions and email addresses are included. The main Museum phone number is (802) 649-2200. If you'd like to leave a phone message after hours, call our main number and the automated attendant will allow you to leave voicemail.


Marcos Stafne, Executive Director (ext. 224)

Membership & Development

Jennifer Rickards, Associate Director & Director of Development (ext. 225)

Courtney Adams, Development Coordinator (ext. 218)

Kim Milliman, Development Coordinator, Events & Volunteers (ext. 249)

Joan Toland, Membership Assistant (ext. 200)


Greg DeFrancis, Associate Director & Director of Education  (ext. 228)

Anne Charron, Office Coordinator (education program scheduling) (ext. 201)

Rachel Donegan, Science Educator/Program Manager (ext. 229)

Mike Fenzel, Science Educator/Program Manager (ext. 217)

Rebecca Haynes, Science Educator & Lead Explainer (ext. 266)

Amy VanderKooi, Science Educator/Program Manager (ext. 234)


Bob Raiselis, Associate Director & Director of Exhibitions (ext. 221)

Sherlock Terry, Assistant Director of Exhibits (ext. 238)

Aaron Lamperti, Exhibits Production Manager (ext. 243)

Anne Fayen, Landscape Designer and Horticulturist (ext. 223)

Marketing & Communications

Trish Palao, Marketing & Communications Manager (ext. 222)

Kimberly Shreve, Marketing Assistant (ext. 251)

Visitor Services

Ann Wickham, Manager of Visitor Reception (ext. 226)

Anne Charron, Office Coordinator (group visit scheduling) (ext. 201)

Volunteer Services

Kim Milliman, Development Coordinator, Events & Volunteers (ext. 249)

Museum Store

Carol Harry, Museum Store Manager (ext. 241)


Delinda Dupree, Financial Manager  (ext. 233)


Gary Collins, Facilities Manager (ext. 215)

Museum Rental

Anne Charron, Office Coordinator (rental inquiries) (ext. 201)