Pop-Up Science for your Community

Let the Montshire Come to You!

Montshire's Pop-Up Science outreach program travels to community fairs, schools, festivals, and private parties.

  • We will customize the programming to fit your needs and audience.
  • Multiple programs may be offered during an event to keep things fresh and fun.
  • We bring everything! Just provide us the space and we will provide the rest. Some activities may require access to electricity.

Call 802-649-2200 for more information and to make a reservation.

Science Activities

Pond Life
Explore a world beneath local waters and in the air with our state-of-the-art microscopes. Peek in on the fascinating and complicated lives of dragonflies, mayflies, water scorpions, and more.

Build It
You are the engineer when you create contraptions that fly or draw using simple household materials along with our motors, batteries, and wires. Challenging and super fun!

Build a car to your own specifications using your knowledge of electricity and our wide variety of wheels, axels, frames, and more.

Create a light-up accessory to show off your know-how of circuits and LEDs. Dream it up, then make it yourself. Material charges may apply.

Human Body
Examine your own cells under our state-of-the-art microscopes!

Lego Gears
You may know Legos, but do you know about gears? Learn how worm gears and gear ratios work as you make a whimsical contraption.


2 hours    $400 + travel*
3 hours    $500 + travel*
5 hours    $700 + travel*
*current travel rate is $.575/mile (IRS mileage rate 2015)

Call 802-649-2200 for more information and to make a reservation.


Tinkering Activity 1: Scribble Bots [pdf]
Tinkering Activity 2: L.E.D. Bling​ [pdf]
Tinkering Activity 3: Paper Circuits [pdf]