Machine Madness

Inventors of all ages are invited to create fantastic contraptions at the Montshire. The machines will be linked together every day for incredible chain reactions! Open to people of all ages and mechanical abilities. See below for details and building guidelines.

Building Guidelines

  • Your "link in the chain" should be no more than 3 feet wide and should fit on a table.
  • Your machine must begin and end by a string pull. Be sure that it takes no more force than the hanging weight of a golf ball to start your link, and that it ends by pulling a string with enough force to lift a golf ball several inches.
  • Your link must be repeatable (you may need to reset it).
  • Your machine needs to be safe. And, no spilling liquids, exploding volcanoes, foaming, bubbling, oozing chaos.

Arrive at the Museum with your machine by 1 p.m. We'll spend about an hour adjusting and linking the machines, and at 2 p.m. we will make our first attempt at a chain reaction.

Please contact Mike Fenzel with any questions at