Activities for Families

The Montshire Museum has fun for the whole family!

Super Science Day: Microworlds—Investigation of the Very Small

Super Science Day: Microworlds—Investigation of the Very Small A whole day devoted to things microscopic! Learn More

Leafcutter Ants

Leafcutter Ants Find out how leafcutter ants grow their own food. Learn More

Color Mixing

Color Mixing Learn how to mix up colors! Learn More

Straw Rockets

Straw Rockets You've heard of paper airplanes, but how about paper rockets? Learn More

Hoopster Gliders

Hoopster Gliders Learn to build a glider that soars through the air! Learn More

Turtle Discovery

Turtle Discovery Learn about turtles native to the Upper Valley. Learn More

Microscopic Investigations

Microscopic Investigations

We'll use hand lenses and microscopes to magnify different items. Discover a new world that can't be seen with the naked eye. 

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Kitchen Chemistry

Kitchen Chemistry

Learn about chemical reactions as we combine different common household products. The results may surprise you!

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Sound Science

Sounds are all around us! Learn More

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror Use mirrors to investigate reflection and symmetry. Learn More

Super Science Day: Nature Up Close

Super Science Day: Nature Up Close Outside, explore Montshire's forests, fields, and riverbanks—inside, take a closer look at the Museum's resident frogs, turtles, fish, bees, and ants. Learn More

Fossils: Evidence of the Past

Fossils: Evidence of the Past

You will get a chance to handle real fossils from the Museum's collection and then use a variety of clues to uncover their origins. 

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Super Science Day: Splash! Exploring Water

Super Science Day: Splash! Exploring Water Spend a day at the Montshire celebrating summer by getting wet! Learn More

Exploring Magnets

Exploring Magnets

Discover some cool things about magnets and their properties as we conduct some experiments using lots of different materials.

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Skulls Learn about New England Wildlife as we examine their skeletal remains. Learn More

Caterpillar Lab

Caterpillar Lab Come see the beautiful and mysterious world of the caterpillars that inhabit our woods, fields, and backyards. Learn More

Outdoor Sculpture Drop-in Workshop

Outdoor Sculpture Drop-in Workshop Stop in at this continuous afternoon program to meet artist Bob Shannahan and to try your hand at making your own natural-materials sculpture. Learn More