Tinkering Lab

Build something!

The Tinkering Lab is a new, experimental space where visitors try their hand at engineering whimsical contraptions using real tools and materials. Tinkering Lab activities require cooperation, concentration, and a playful "tinkering mindset." You'll design, test, and build, and share your creations alongside other participants. For adults, and families with children age 8 and over.   

Now through Sunday, August 9
Open 11 a.m.–4 p.m. 
Tinkering activities during this time include:

Scribble Bots
Make moving robots that trace fun patterns with markers using weighted toy motors, batteries, wires, and other everyday materials. 

Electric Island
Design and construct a building or other structure, light it up with an LED, and collectively build a miniature city. 

Design Planks
Turn simple wooden planks into amazing creations. Visitors are challenged to build the tallest tower while explore balance and collaborating with other visitors.

Pinball Machines
Create a pinball exhibit using pegboard, dowels, rubber bands, and cardboard to be shared with other visitors throughout the day.