Professional Development

The Montshire offers teacher workshops and curriculum coaching that provide the knowledge, skills, and curriculum resources to support K-8 science learning.

Teacher Workshops at the Montshire

Montshire hosts several professional development opportunities for teachers. Programs range from half-day workshops to two-week summer institutes. The Montshire maintains a professional staff with expertise in teaching and learning techniques, inquiry science, natural history and environmental education, and curriculum development. Our teacher enhancement and professional development programs have been supported by various agencies and programs, including the National Science Foundation; U.S. Department of Energy; Howard Hughes Medical Institute; U.S. Environmental Protection Administration; NASA, National Institutes of Health, and Vermont Institute of Science, Math and Technology.

2014/2015 Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Online registrations for 2014-15 programs can be found with their calendar listings.


Teacher Workshops at Your School

These short, content and lesson-based workshops are typically used by schools during in-service days or staff meeting times. We offer a variety of workshops that last between 90 minutes to two hours. Each workshop includes hands-on activities that help build understanding of science content and methodology. Workshops may be scheduled as a single program or as a multi-day series. Typical contracting agents include schools, school districts, and science teacher associations. Multi-day series' are available. Cost is based on duration of project, travel, and workshop materials.

For more information contact:
Greg DeFrancis
802-649-2200 x228

Curriculum Consulting

Not sure how to teach a unit on simple machines that is chock full of great inquiry experiences? Think your lessons on habitats are only ho-hum? Work one-on-one with a professional educator who will visit you in your classroom, listen to your needs, help you design great student experiences that are aligned with state standards, and co-teach lessons using Montshire's resources, equipment, and collections. Coaching can re-energize your teaching by helping you build content knowledge and develop exciting ideas that can be used throughout the school year.

For more information contact:
Greg DeFrancis
802-649-2200 x228

Upcoming Workshops

Helping Students Use Evidence to Make Meaning

Using examples from both student’s natural history observation journals and physical science experiments, we will explore how students can develop explanations and argument using the questions, data, and observations that they generate. Learn More


Spend a day with Montshire and Dartmouth faculty learning about the basic building block of life. Learn More