Air and Weather

A gentle summer breeze, a hurricane over the Atlantic, a winter storm, and billowing cumulous clouds – all are caused by the movement of air. Find out more about how air moves, and what happens when it does, in this series of exhibits about air movement and weather.

Air Race

Race two balls in this air-powered challenge Learn More

Aeolian Landscape

Aeolian Landscape Shows patterns of air movement on a landscape of sand. Learn More

Andy’s Place

Andy’s Place A special area scaled to size for visitors five and under and their caregivers Learn More

Air Cannon

Air Cannon A cannon which can shoot a puff of air all the way across a room. Learn More

Air Maze

Air Maze A labyrinth powered by air Learn More

Air Tower

Air Tower An Andy's Place tower with exhibits about air Learn More

AirPlay Exhibition

AirPlay Exhibition Nine separate exhibit components demonstrate the complexity and beauty of moving air. Learn More

Ball Floaters

Ball Floaters Float a ball on a stream of air Learn More

Bubble Pipe Blowers

Bubble Pipe Blowers Blow bubbles using a piece of plastic pipe Learn More

Fog: Little Cat Feet

Fog billows and rolls in this exhibit using water vapor to show the movement of fluids Learn More

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