Montshire Profile

Jennifer Rickards, December 2011

How are you connected to the Montshire?
I'm part of the great staff here at the Museum. As Associate Director, I oversee development and membership, and recently became involved with visitor services and the Museum Store as well.

Why do you choose to work here?
I love museums and believe that the Montshire's work is really important. I couldn't do my job if I didn't care about what we do.

When was the first time you came to the Montshire?
It was probably in 2004. I was living in the Pacific Northwest and visiting family here in the Upper Valley. It was a memorable experience!

What is your favorite exhibit?
I never tire of the Gravity Well. There is something mesmerizing about watching the pennies swirl around, and I love experimenting with how they move.

What do you wish everyone knew about the Museum?
We design our exhibits for people of all ages. Because we serve young children very well, there's often a perception that we're only for children. In fact, we work hard to offer a meaningful experience for everyone, regardless of your age or your knowledge of science.

Is there one word you would use to describe the Museum?

What do you wish we could do more of in the future?
I would love to expand the ways in which we serve disadvantaged families. We distribute thousands of free admission passes and offer dozens of scholarships each year, but I would like these programs to have an even greater impact. Everyone should have access to a Montshire experience.

What do you find most rewarding about working at the Montshire?
Whenever I meet new people and tell them that I work here, they always say, "I love the Montshire! You are so lucky." I get to meet a lot of wonderful people who care about the Museum.

What is the best kept secret at the Montshire?
Here's one that even I haven't discovered. My daughter keeps telling me about a secret "sword" in a stone, somewhere on the Montshire property. Apparently, you have to sign up for summer camp to find out where it is!

What is your favorite Montshire story to tell?
There are so many! I always enjoy hearing from people who came to the Montshire as children, and now are visiting with their own families.

Which other museums do you enjoy visiting?
I try to visit art and science museums whenever I travel. I adore the Cloisters in New York City, but because my daughters are young (ages 2 and 8), we are more likely to go to zoos and aquariums at this point. As a teenager, my very first paying job (besides babysitting) was at the Delaware Museum of Natural History.


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