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Oversized Construction Blocks

August 2014

Current Location
An exciting new set of construction blocks made their debut earlier this year, and have been set up in the Museum's community room for the summer.

What's the idea behind this exhibit?
When we select exhibits for the Museum, we particularly look for opportunities for our visitors to have extended engagements with an idea or a topic. The oversize construction blocks allow visitors of many ages and experiences to create structures, shapes, and rollways, and to experiment with balance, stacking, and how different shapes fit together. The parts are easy for young children to stack and move around, but just as interesting for older children and adults to use to create complex structures and shapes.

What are these construction blocks?
These blocks, created by Imagination Playground, were designed by an architect to allow users to manipulate their environment and a play space of their own. There is no right or wrong way to experiment with these blocks, and we've found that visitors quickly discover endless variations on what they try to build. Our set of construction blocks includes familiar rectangular blocks, as well as blocks with holes and chutes, blocks that are rods and balls, and many more shapes. It's our aim that visitors will use the blocks to loosen up their creative spirits and create their own inventions, environments, and activities.

Did you know?
The construction blocks are made in the United States, they're waterproof, resistant to sun and heat, and, when they are totally worn out from years of intense use, will be returned to the manufacturer to be recycled, because they are biodegradable!

Have you tried this?
There are endless possibilities of things to build with these blocks. We've seen more than one visitor working to create something that we think resembles "A T. Rex Named Sue!"